Specialty Networks - Wave
Each provider in the Wave network agrees to standards that support consistent quality service and care in addition to making insurance claims easy to manage for their customers.  The Wave network offers a selection of care settings that meet the needs and expectations of women who are at varying points in their care - from just prior to surgery to living everyday life.

Why join the Wave Network?

  • No specific association with a post-mastectomy products manufacturer
  • Established relationships with large national and regional payers
  • Proven history of fair contract negotiations (i.e. reimbursement, policies, procedures, etc.)
  • Post-Mastectomy accreditation
  • Simplified administrative processes
  • Central intake to assist with the directing of patients to contracted providers

This is an exciting and dynamic time in post-mastectomy care. We urge you to consider joining us in this network of professional providers and gain recognition among payers as the premier panel for post-mastectomy services. If you are interested in learning more about the Wave network, please review the  Choices In Post-Mastectomy Care document and  contact Linkia at 1-888-520-Wave  (1-888-520-9283).