Why Refer to Linkia?

Physicians referring to Linkia providers are confident knowing that they are putting their patients first and helping them make the best, most cost-effective use of their health benefits.

By referring within the Linkia network, you can be confident that all of your patient’s O&P care needs will be met. Linkia offers the full spectrum of O&P care and services, contributing to a more convenient and streamlined treatment experience for your patient.

As a physician referring a patient for O&P care, you know that referring in-network maximizes the patient experience by ensuring uninterrupted care and getting patients seen and evaluated quickly. You also know that this is the best, most cost-effective use of a patient’s health benefits.

To be sure we are doing the best job we can, we routinely administer satisfaction surveys where both referring physicians and patients are given the opportunity to share their opinions about the experience with Linkia.