Specialty Networks - Wave



Linkia helps our payer customers by simplifying network management activity, while ensuring members have convenient access to quality care.

Linkia’s network management model for post-mastectomy services is designed to be a comprehensive resource; it offers payers a single point of contact for many of the day-to-day administrative needs, and a focused, expert partner to assist in network strategy development and growth. Our model for the Wave network takes into consideration the special needs of patients and the fact that most services are still offered by independent providers in a small practice setting. In fact, we believe that a network that can offer a variety of care settings will meet patient needs and expectations in a very positive way.  Our stream-lined administrative model makes it easier for patients to seek services with a simplified claims interface to the payer.

If you are interested in learning more about the Wave network, please contact Linkia at 1-888-520- Wave (1-888-520-9283).